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Does Shaheed remain even after death?


The Muslim concept of martyrdom is that if a man gives up his life in the way of God, he is a martyr, Shaheed. We believe and the Quran confirms that a Shaheed is blessed and never dies. This may be interpreted in many ways. Some people believe that their good deeds are repeated over the years and they will be rewarded on the Day of Judgment. Some people believe that the soul of a martyr remains in this world and he remains with his loved ones. We cannot say which belief is right, but something made me shudder when I saw it.

A Shaheed’s grave was opened after 22 years and he was as fresh looking as if he had been showered and laid to rest just minutes ago! This is a strange phenomenon. Muslims, Christians and Jewish have a similar way of burying the dead. This way, they can always revisit the place where they laid their loved one. A Shaheed is definitely a blessed person as his body is not decayed or eaten up by pests in the soil. This is a clear indication that the Shaheed is not among the dead and is blessed. We all know that Shahadat is a rank that is unmatched, but to actually see that there is such proof, is bone chilling. I am sharing the video below for you all to see how the Shaheed soldier looks even after 22 years of burial. Please watch, say Subhan Allah and share!

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