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Why following Imran Khan is the right choice

Imran Khan

Imran Khan is the chairman of the Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf. This party was founded by the cricketer in 1995. During the last twenty years, Imran Khan has been choosing party members wisely and has now formed a political party that is strong enough to give old and strong political groups a good run! However, these days Imran Khan is doing more than being just a political leader. He is leading the country to rebel against corruption and create an environment that is best for a developing and thriving country.

Imran Khan

Corruption is the basic trait that weakens any country and makes it a poor state. Pakistan has unfortunately seen so many corrupt governments that many people believe that a military coup or martial law is better than democracy. Imran Khan makes people believe that change is near and it can be done! This is why, women, children and older people…everyone follows this new Pied Piper and listen to him speak with dreamy eyes. The social media might ridicule Khan but the one thing that is clear in the short history of this party, is that Imran Khan is not for sale. He will not give in or side with any of the corrupt parties that have ruled the country and eaten out of the treasure.

Imran Khan

Recently, Imran Khan marched to Islamabad and demanded the judiciary to try the prime minister for having offshore companies. The unpaid taxes and properties out of Pakistan are just a part of the corruption that has taken place during the current government tenure. Imran Khan was successful as the judiciary promised to try the prime minister. Khan is not for sale and he is fighting for the people of Pakistan. That is why the people follow him and that is why we see some hope! Let us all vow to be with the truth It is only with consistent zeal and truth that people will see the country prosper. We all must play our part and be righteous in what we do. Soon then, we will be able to see our country progressing.

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