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Top 5 expensive actors of Pakistan


Some talents pay well. Acting is one of them. Pakistani actors are very talented no doubt. We all see fine dramas and excellent work which is the best source of entertainment these days. Young as well as old, all actors are extremely good at their work. This is why Indian producers and directors have admitted that they show their students Pakistani dramas so that they learn this art! This certifies that the talent and art of acting is in abundance here. Here is a list of actors who earn a great deal from their talent.

Fawad Khan


Fawad Khan is a rising name these days. Be it Bollywood, or Pakistan; Fawad is making it big. He earns quite a bit and it is mainly due to his high demand from producers. Khan is very popular these days and that is why producers are ready to pay whatever he asks!

Sajal Ali


Sajal appears in a new movie trailer these days. Her activity on television is less these days but she must be keeping her pocket equally heavy. Sajal has won many hearts due to her innocent looks and good acting. She is not just a little girl on the screen. She captivates her audience with her expressions!

Mikaal Zulfiqar


Either it is his luck or his good looks which have contributed largely in turning this model a real actor. Besides the fact that he is considered to be an important player in the showbiz industry, the fact persists that there are people who do not find themselves convinced with his acting skills! Following the footsteps of Fawad Khan, Mikaal has too increased his worth and now demands six digit packages.

Faisal Qureshi


Faisal Qureshi is one of the most expensive actors. There is nothing new about that.  He has been one of the most expensive actors for a very long time now. However, Faisal’s work and versatile acting makes him worthy of it! Faisal Qureshi and Humayun Saeed can be considered as the real heroes of this revival of drama industry who are loved and therefore an expensive package!

Saba Qamar


Saba is one of the most talented people around these days. From Maat to Besharam…her performance never makes you bored. A true entertainer she is! I love her style but I’m sure the producers find her a big deal. Saba is one of the most expensive actors and rightly so. She holds our attention when on screen. Sometimes, you realize that you were only looking at her all the time!


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