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Quetta mourns once again…Pakistan mourns once again!

Quetta mourns

Quetta mourns the deaths of young cadets. Quetta, capital of Balochistan was again under attack when the Police Cadet Academy was attacked by suicide bombers. Young cadets were martyred while asleep. So far, the death toll has risen to 62. Heavily-armed suicide terrorists stormed into the academy and blew up the school of young police cadets! 61 cadets were martyred on the spot and 117 were critically injured. Today, one more cadet succumbed to his ill state of injuries. The attack was carried out by Al-Alimi faction of the Lashkar-i-Jhangvi (LJ) militant group. “I saw three men carrying Kalashnikovs… they were in camouflage and their faces were hidden,” one cadet told a local newspaper reporters. “They started firing and entered the dormitory but I managed to escape by climbing over a wall.” We all mourn this incident, Quetta mourns!

Quetta mourns

The whole of Pakistan mourns yet we hardly see any movement towards improving the security situation in the country. We all mourn this tragic incident and it is not that just Quetta mourns. We will mourn for some time and then what? We all will get used to no serious action taken against this. Hence life will get back to normal. We all have become numb to such incidents because no serious measures are ever enforced. The Peshawar attacks, Baloch lawyers massacred, and this again…nobody can find a way out! We as a nation are probably doing what has to be done. Several NGOs and social workers are raising voice against this heinous deed, but the law enforcing authorities are only active for a few days and then it all simmers down. We fail to understand what the end of this might be…and when! But we should continue to pray and do what we can. Condemning the attacks on social media is not at all the solution. Quetta mourns today as again mass killing has occurred. The solution is to demand government to close down all extremist religious outfits and ensure that no anti-people or anti-Islamic faction remains in the country. Only then can we become a secure and peaceful state.

Quetta mourns

This incident is not just a tragic attack, it is the death of our future. The extremist terrorist groups are killing our future and we simple cannot stand and watch. We all need to unite and show the world that whatever comes our way, we will be together and our future cannot be harmed! This message should be strong enough for the enemy to understand and hence steer clear. I wish, we wish to see a strong and united Pakistan…facing the world fearlessly and giving out a signal that nobody can penetrate these walls and break into the homeland that has made us what we are today!

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