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Coke Studio releases Pakistan song

Coke Studio

Coke Studio is due to start its 9th season on 13th August. Before that a teaser has been released to honour the month of August, the month of independence. Many Pakistani singers have joined to sing the beautiful patriotic song “Ay Rah e Haq Kay Shaheedon..” It has veteran singers like Abida Parveen and new talent such as Quratulain Baloch as well. The one very emotional part of this performance is the line sung by Amjad Sabri Shaheed. Once again, he has left us in a shock. He has sung the line that mentions Iman Hussain (as) and it seems a bit ironic to me. Why ironic? Because the last iftar transmission of his life was the one in which he praised Imam Hussain (as) and also wished to be able to meet the family of Prophet Muhamad (saww) in heavens!

Coke Studio

Some of you might find this ridiculous but it is our belief…all Muslims believe that those who are to enter heaven will meet our beloved Prophet Muhammad (saww) and his family. Therefore to be able to sing this line in particular for Coke Studio and then to recite the prayer that he did just hours before he was shot; is a strange coincidence! Amjad Sabri was a mystic singer and such people have a great association with religion as well as with Prophet Muhammad (saww) in particular. To be able to express his love so openly as he did, makes me wonder if all this has an impact on his afterlife? Coke Studio has once again left us in anticipation to watch the whole season.

Coke Studio

Other than the tears and sadness for Amjad Sabri Shaheed, the rendition is a beautiful one. All artists have sung little but overall they have presented a beautiful piece of music and tribute to Pakistan Army. It is so beautiful how people turn to patriotism just as the calendar is turned to the month of August. It was this month that we were blessed with a separate homeland. We must try to start it just as Coke Studio did!

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