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How to celebrate Eid-ul-Azha according to Islam


Eid-ul-Azha is the second festival celebrated by Muslims all over the world. This Eid marks the event of Hajj and every Muslim follows the footsteps of Hazrat Ibrahm and offers sacrifice. But do we know how to really do it?


The sacrificed animals is supposed to be distributed among the poor, relatives, neighbours and the household. However, many people nowadays do it for themselves only! It is important to know that the whole purpose of this sacrifice is not to fill your own freezer. It is to give from what you love, to those who do not afford it. God has said that He does not recieve the blood or meat of these animals. What He recieves is the Taqwa that people send forth. We are supposed to divide the meat of the animal in four parts. Divide one among poor, one among neighbors, one among relatives and keep the fourth for ourselves. And the one who divides it in three parts and distributes all of it without keeping anything is of course doing a good deed. Shariah, sunnat and the basic principles of Islam teach us to be patient, charitable and good natured. Sacrificing animals and distributing the meat among those who roam the streets and ask for it is a noble act. You should not let down any beggar or stranger who asks you for it.


Eid becomes Eid when you celebrate happiness. Just like we give kids eidi n Eid-ul-Fitr, we must divide the meat of our sacrificed animal among poor. This might be the only meat portion they eat all year! So learn to help others and make them smile. Who knows this will solve a lot of your own problems. After all, this is Allah’s promise to us. This year, try and be more kind! And of course, have a great Eid-ul-Azha!


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