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Things that happen only in Pakistan!

Pakistan Man crossing Khyber Pass and entering Pakistan

Pakistanis are a very talented nation. We all have a special way of living which is not found anywhere else in the world! Pakistani cuisine, culture and lifestyle are unique yet beautiful. Just as we have the best rice, mangoes and cotton, we also have the best laughter! What we mean is the things Pakistanis do, are hilarious! Here are ten things that you can only find in Pakistan!

A bike is a heavy vehicle!


Man carries wheel barrow on head!

We all have seen men carry big loads on their bikes. From goats, machines, freezers to glass sheets and furniture. Bikes can carry everything in Pakistan.

Double ride, no triple ride!


Bike can hold a whole family

A motorbike can accommodate the whole family! It is not a ride for two people. A motorbike can transport as many as five adults and a kid! You don’t believe me? Take a drive down Jail Road Lahore. You will definitely see a family on a bike!

A pot as a helmet


Man wears pot as helmet

A few years back all motorcyclists were asked to wear helmets. Since it became a compulsion, shopkeepers raised the price. This price hike caused problems for all motorbike riding Pakistanis. This man was clever enough to find an alternative!

Twitter biscuits and facebook snacks!


Facebook and Twitter snacks

Hilarious name for a biscuit but this is Pakistani talent! They will name a product anything! As long as it is popular and liked by others. Twitter and facebook are definitely names that every Pakistani knows!

Decorated goats


Decorated goats

Sacrifice animals in devil horns? Pakistanis can come up with any kind of decoration! These goats are for sale for a holy purpose, yet their horns are quite devilish!

Crossing the road over divisions


Man crosses the road division

Yes! This is a true Pakistani trait! We love short cuts and law means nothing to us! This man is conveniently crossing the road over a division on a road. We all do this and it isn’t even shocking!

Branded shoes?


Shoes with vehicle logos

The world class brands such as Gucci, Versace and Bali are way behind! Pakistani shoe brands are Mercedes Benz, Nissan and BMW.

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