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Taher Shah surprises the country again

Taher Shah

Taher Shah announced in early April that he will surprise the whole nation. Well he did it! On April 11, he released his new song Angel. The song I didn’t even hear. It was video that just did it alone! Taher Shah is creative definitely. But he is more confident than anyone I know! He is confident to an extent that it can get painful for others! In the video he is seen dressed like an angel. He is in a field of green and there is a baby angel and a lady angel there as well! The video is so crazy, it wouldn’t make you laugh but you will just be shocked.

Taher Shah


Taher Shah is a businessman from Karachi. He earlier launched a single Eye to Eye which became popular. It is necessary to tell you that Eye to Eye did not become popular because of its magnificence. It became famous because we saw Taher Shah singing a rather plain song with no deep meaning and well, his hair! This time his dress and angel friends just did it. Taher Shah explained the ideology behind his song. He said that it explains how man should spread love because we all are like angels. This means that all men and women must love others. Children are also angels and deserve the pure kind of love of angels. The song might not be that bad, but I can’t say because I didn’t listen to all of it. People are really making fun of this song. Many have called it punishment. Others are making parodies and posting it on social media. If you have somehow missed the video please watch here. The song is still not heard by me. And I assure you, I might never be able to watch the whole video. Why don’t you try? Share if you survive!

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