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Nawaz Sharif is up for sale! Are you interested?

Nawaz Sharif on sale

Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is up for sale on eBay. An anonymous person posted the advertisement. It is funny since the eBay delivery service is not available in Pakistan. This was one of the reasons it appeared on the website! Someone, or maybe many people want Nawaz Sharif shipped out of the country! The advertisement says, “Useless Pakistani prime minister for sale.” And that too for only $99.99! The advertisement also specifies that this ‘item’ cannot be shipped to Pakistan. Clearly, people want him gone out of the country and they don’t care how much money they get in return!

Nawaz Sharif on sale

Many people play public pranks on celebrities and politicians. Every day, we receive hundreds of memes on celebrities. All these pranks are due to the affection or hate people feel towards the celebrity they joke about. Due to Panama Leaks, many politicians have been under fire. David Cameron also faces criticism in the UK and his bidding on eBay grew to $65,000. In contrast, Mr. Sharif hasn’t gotten a single bid in the last 24 hours since the advertisement was posted. It is important to mention that the Sharif government has failed to impress Pakistanis. Medical services, education and all other amenities suffer while the government is only interested in expanding their personal businesses.

Nawaz Sharif on sale

The Panama Leaks revealed that Mr. Sharif and his children own several companies offshore and this way, they evade taxes. This is a huge crime and since the concerned person happens to be the prime minister, people of Pakistan are fuming! An ordinary person pays huge taxes since all these industrialists have found ways of getting taxes exempted. The common people suffer while the politicians grow their bank accounts. Corrupt politicians in Italy were thrown in trash cans by angry mobs, Ukrainian prime minister is asked to step down and people of Pakistan and UK are posting advertisements! All these are ways of showing anger only…but these politicians need to change soon!

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