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Lawn sale battles in Pakistan

Lawn sale battles

Lawn sale battles are a new thing in Pakistan now! Few years back it was only for big exhibitions that were crowded. Nowadays every shop is brimming with female shoppers.

Inflation has become a serious issue in Pakistan and every woman cries over the prices of grocery items and household goods. However, lawn and fashion items have become very costly but still everyone is buying them! A designer lawn suits costs up to 15,000 rupees but women still buy them and feel proud that they got it from the first lot!

Last year, we saw a video that went viral on social media. It was how women fought over designer shirts in a shop in Lahore. The shirts were on sale and the crowd had started gathering even before the shop doors opened. Then after the crowd was inside, breaking doors and running over men who came in the way; women were seen grabbing and fighting for shirts in a way that looked as if the shirts were for free! Lawn sale battles need to be stopped. This needs some effort from shopkeepers so that buyers don’t fight over items. Similarly, people must also become more tolerant.

Lawn sale battles

We see the same kinds of fights when food is distributed at darbars and poor people see it after days of starvation! This lust for clothes is one thing but I feel the brands must also try to lower the prices and increase production so that there is something for everyone who wants it. The companies who own these brands might enjoy this scenario and use it as a publicity tool. Having said this, women also need to educate themselves and see for themselves how a civilized nation must behave!

We are attaching the link of the video that went viral and will update more videos which have appeared on the social networks since the new lawn collections are out! Watch and think how we need to improve our behavior for a better society.

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