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Fawad Khan misbehaves at a party, breaks award!

Fawad Khan

Fawad Khan is our favorite entertainer. He recently was in the news again, although this time for a negative incident. At Manish Malhotra’s party in India; Fawad apparently had too much to drink. In an intoxicated state, Fawad Khan got loud and created a spectacle. Well, this is all folks! This is the news! Our media needs to find more interesting news really! However, Mangoo Log is going to give its own opinion on this: Fawad Khan couldn’t take a lot of drinks thats all. If an artist is good, he is good. There is no need to add that his real self came out or that he revealed a side we didn’t know before. Whatever Fawad Khan is in private life, is not our business. If he drinks, or smokes, is his own action and we have no right to label him. Secondly, yes, it is unfortunate that an incident happened in a celebrity party but that does not reduce or demean Fawad Khan’s stature! So Fawad Khan, we still love you brother!

Fawad Khan

I have been seeing and reading people’s comments for the past two days about how he killed his image by a single action and I feel sad, how journalists ruin their reputations of being good reporters by maligning public opinion over such a small event! It is no news that consumption of alcohol is common in Pakistan. Despite the fact that we are a Muslim country; we know of people who drink or we secretly drink in parties as well. Those who don’t, like me, should not create a bad opinion about others. Judging is not our job therefore we must refrain from it. One of the traits of successful nations is that they take pride in each and every citizen. Fawad Khan is an ambassador of Pakistan and if we promote him as that, maybe he will take the responsibility more seriously (which I’m glad that he is already taking well!)

Fawad Khan

Another hilarious event that took place was when Fawad Khan accidently broke Fauzia Amman’s trophy at the Lux Style Awards 2016. During a skit the actor accidentally dropped the award and it broke. Ahmed Ali Butt and Fawad covered the accident hilariously and everyone laughed. So after all, Fawad is back on track and there is no way his fans will take a small accident seriously…right??

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