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Janaan, Zindagi Haseen Hai or Actor in Law?


This Eid we saw three fresh releases from the Pakistani film industry; Janaan, Actor in Law and Zindagi Haseen Hai. All three movies are being appreciated and I’m sure all three deserve to be watched. But if you have a weekend to enjoy one movie, which one should you watch first? Here’s a quick look at all three movies critically which might help you decide.


Janaan is about a girl who is bred abroad and returns home to Pakistan. She finds a cultural difference and how she must cope with it, is what the movie is all about. The movie stars Armeena Khan, Bilal Ashraf and Ali Rehman Khan. It is a beautiful film…I mean it is full of beautiful people but the acting side is a little weak. There are many scenes which look as if they needed a bit more takes that could work on the expressions and dialogue delivery. However, I enjoyed the film, only because of the people in it. If you do not like any of the actors, please keep this movie for a day when you have nothing better to do. I am a fan of Armeena so it was my first pick.

Actor In Law:

This movie is about a young lawyer who wanted to be an actor. The plot is about how he turns into a people’s advoate and also gets to act the way through is interesting. A real star studded film, you see Fahad Mustafa, Mehwish Hayat and Om Puri in the prominent roles. The acting is superb and once you start watching you will get engrossed in the film. The concept is real and all the jokes are related to our own lives. We can feel the Pakistani vibe come alive. All current issues and problems are discussed in the film which make it a good watch and two hours well spent! If I were a movie buff, I would pick this one first…but wait, there is another movie you need to hear about before you decide!

Zindagi Haseen Hai:

A love story with a separation and reunion…not so different right? The acting and songs will make you think this is the first story of its kind! Sajal Ali and Feroze Khan are great actors and know their job…they can dance, act and make you get glued to your seat. The ne thing, or person who will rivet your mind and emotions is the child star who plays Feroze and Sajal’s son. Yes! That kid has given some of the most emotional scenes that will make you feel as if you are related to him. You will feel his pain and anguish through the screen. One of the best things on the big screen.

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