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Janaan creating waves in Pakistan


Janaan is the new movie that was released on Eid-ul-Azha all over Pakistan. The cast of the movie is great and that is why it is already making public go wild. The box office reviews of Janaan are great and just like the movies of the past year, Janaan is a success. During the 2000s, the Pakistani film industry was closed down due to unsuccessful movies and low-budget casts and cinematography.


Janaan is produced by Reham Khan and co-produced by Hareem Farooq. The movie stars Ali Rehman Khan, Armmena Khan and Bilal Ashraf in the lead. The movie is about a girl who returns to her homeland after several years and gets a cultural shock. Osman Khalid Butt has written the film and it is a true depiction of the younger generation these days. We quote an article from Express Tribune here, ” The cast and crew behind new film Janaan are hoping to showcase the positive side of Pakistan as they look to bolster international investment and interest in the country’s small movie industry.

In comparison to Hollywood and Bollywood, the Pakistani industry is still in its infancy. Films are made with much smaller budgets and are not often premiered widely around the globe.
a romantic comedy released over the Muslim festival of Eidul Azha, is hoping to help change that. It has already made it to No.8 in the UK Box Office Top Ten, and it has been released in 17 different countries.

“The revival is still very, very new. I think it’s going to take time to develop. But just the fact that here we are, competing at an international level, with Bollywood and Hollywood films, even in Pakistan, I think it’s very refreshing,” the film’s lead actor Bilal Ashraf told Reuters.”

The cast and scenes look great from the trailer and all those who have seen it, cannot stop talking about it. You can also watch the film in a theater near you! Hope you like it too! Here is the trailer, watch and enjoy!

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